Sunday , March 18 2018
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HP Omen 15 review (2017): A gaming laptop for everyone

HP went big with its Omen gaming machines last year, giving us some major VoodooPC flashbacks in the process. Unfortunately, the laptops felt like a downgrade from the slick Omen gaming notebook that HP launched in 2014. This year, the company decided to turn things around. The new Omen 15 fixes everything wrong with …

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Samsung Chromebook Pro review: One misstep spoils the show

My co-workers mercilessly chide me every time I review a Chromebook. “They’re all the same!” they laugh. I then patiently explain the many variations on the Chromebook formula that exist. From no-frills $200 bricks with lousy screens that simply get you online to premium laptops with great design that cost …

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‘Metroid: Samus Returns’ is harder than you remember

The last few years have been good to Nintendo fans. There have been plenty of games starring the company’s italian mascot, new adventures in the land of hyrule as well as re-releases of some of the most popular Legend of Zelda games in the last twenty years. Even Donkey Kong Country made a comeback. Metroid, on the other hand, seemed …

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Smart speakers are working their way into every home

Apple, Google and Amazon have all announced smart speakers that are more like gadgets than audio gear. Of course, whenever a tech company attempts to build audio gear, the specter of the iPod HiFi looms large. Apple’s ill-fated attempt to build the perfect speaker was considered a flopthanks to its high price and limited functionality. It was …

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